Cartel’s AI Implementation

Implementing the most popular and user friendly AI tools directly to your site.

AI Toolkit 01

Deploy your own Next.js AI Chatbot

An advanced, highly adaptable AI chatbot crafted using Next.js, proudly engineered by the innovative team at Vercel Labs.

AI Toolkit 02

Hack the system with an AI Image Generator

Cutting-edge software powered by artificial intelligence. It creates or modifies images based on patterns learned from extensive data.

AI Toolkit 03

Leverage openAI with a ChatGPT Plugin

Your gateway to unlocking the potential of ChatGPT's advanced language capabilities seamlessly integrated into your applications.

AI Toolkit 04

Paint by Text

Revamp your photos through conversation with our AI model. Guide edits, filters, and artistic touches effortlessly. Explore a new era of creative expression.

AI Toolkit 05

AI Code Translator

Effortlessly translate code between programming languages with GPT-4, revolutionizing your development process.

AI Toolkit 06

AI Photo Restorer

Experience a cutting-edge AI face photo restorer powered by Next.js and Replicate technology.


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