Cartel can help bring your NFT vision to life

Transform your digital assets into a valuable investment with our innovative NFT services. Experience cutting-edge digital art, collectibles, and commerce.

  • NFT creation and web customisation
  • Original art creation
  • NFT minting and tokenization
  • Secure NFT storage & management
  • Effortless NFT platform
  • Convert your art into an NFT

How It Works



NFT Creation & Customisation

Unleash your vision with our NFT creation and customisation services. We turn your dreams into digital gold. Whether you're an artist, collector, or game-changer, our team of experts will bring your idea to life with ease. Don't just imagine the future – create it.


Minting and Tokenization

Our NFT minting and tokenization process ensures the authenticity and absolute exclusivity of your digital assets, allowing them to be easily bought, sold, and traded on the blockchain.



Secure Storage & Management

Our secure NFT storage and management is the ultimate vault to hold and protect your digital assets, giving you peace of mind and ensuring they last forever.


Integrated Marketplaces & Wallets

Managing your NFTs with ease on our platform providing a streamlined experience for buying, selling, and managing your digital assets, all in one place.

Unveiling Cartels NFT Collection

Collection 01

Cyber Violet


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Collection 02

Cyber Steel


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Collection 03

Binary Crimson

10 ETH

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Collection 04

Sapphire Datawave

10 ETH

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Collection 05

Frosty Matrix

10 ETH

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Collection 06

Emerald Enigma


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